Ministry of Corrections to Pay 60 000 GEL to the Prisoner

The Tbilisi City Court satisfied the lawsuit of Human Rights Center and ordered the Ministry of Corrections of Georgia to pay 60  000 GEL to the torture victim prisoner, as a compensation  for moral damage only. 

Human Rights Center defends the rights of the convicted L.Tch, who received status of victim of torture and inhuman treatment from the side of the prison personnel in two criminal cases. The convicted L.Tch was victim of torture and inhuman treatment for years that significantly damaged his health conditions.

The convicted appealed the court to claim the compensation for the damage with the legal assistance of the lawyer Nestan Londaridze of Human Rights Center.

Human Rights Center calls on the Ministry of Corrections to support all cases of legal rehabilitation of the victims of torture and inhuman treatment, when the victims apply for the lawful compensation for material and moral damages.

A month ago, the Ministry of Corrections decided to finish the litigation into another case of torture and inhuman treatment with the agreement with the victim T.R, who also was beneficiary of Human Rights Center. Short time ago, the Ministry paid 20 000 GEL as compensation to T. R.

Human Rights Center

15 Nov. '16