HRIDC Priority Areas
Strengthening the rule of law by:

•    Supporting harmonization of national legislation with international human rights standards and monitoring their implementation;
•    Raising public awareness about their rights and available legal remedies/mechanisms for their realisation;
•    Providing free legal aid to individuals and groups to defend their rights and freedoms at national and regional/international levels;
•    Monitoring, documenting and reporting on human rights violations.

Supporting Freedom of Expression and Media by:

•    Supporting development of independent media;
•    Promoting creation of environment conducive of free expression;
•    Capacity building of journalists and media representatives;
•    Promotion and development of new media.

Supporting Transitional Justice by:

•    Documenting and reporting human rights violations committed in relation with armed conflicts;
•    Promoting accountability for human rights violations;
•    Advocating restitution and reparation;
•    Confidence building, reconciliation and peace building.

Promoting Equality and Social Inclusion by

•    Fighting against discrimination;
•    Protecting the rights of minorities and other vulnerable groups;
•    Promoting gender equality and women empowerment.

Reinforcement of Democratic processes by:

•    Strengthening development of civil society organizations through capacity building and networking;
•    Encouraging involvement of social groups in public activities;
•    Promoting free and fair elections, good governance and transparency.