The Prosecutor’s Office shall investigate the fraud case, which reveals probable crime of former police officer

Human Rights Center is concerned with the dragged out investigatio at the Tbilisi Prosecutor’s Office  based on the appeal of Rusudan Purtskhvanidze. The case referres to the fraud allegedly committed byformer police officer.

The former officer of the disrict unit of MIA, Z.N.,  promised Rusudan Purtskhvanidze to make visa and other documents for traveling abroad in exchange of 5 000 EURO. Purtskhvanidze claimed her money back from Z.N. after she was deported from Hungary. On April 15, 2016 she appealed the Chief Prosecutor’s Office, which redirected her appeal to the Kutaisi Regional Prosecutor’s Office. The Kutaisi Prosecutor’s Office sent the case for the investigation to the unit, where Z.N worked in the past. Human Rights Center protested the practice of the investigative agencies when the cases are forwarded to the same units for further investigation, where employees may have biased attitude to the case. . As a result, the case was redirected for the investigation to the Tbilisi Prosecutor’s Office. The investigation is going under the article 180 part III – “b” of the Criminal Code of Georgia. 

Rusudan Purtskhvanidze received not only material but moral damage from the fraud. She travelled in Europe with the visa issued by the Embassy of Greece in Georgia but suddenly she was detained in the airport of Hungary and put in the jail; there she spent 3 days in unbearable conditions. When she was deported from Hungary, she was told that the Greek embassy had iissued illegal visa on her.

The Tbilisi Prosecutor’s Office has not yet interrogated Rusudan Purtskhvanidze. Nor has she the status of the victim yet. She suspects that Z.N. is in close relationship with the Prosecutor’s Office and with personal liasons tries to postpone the investigation. 

Human Rights Center appeals the Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia to become interested in possible common fraud of former officer of MIA and the representative of the Greek Embassy and ensure prompt and objective investigation of the case.

Human Rights Center

11 Aug. '16